TL;DR – You can choose what you’re fishing for, but you can only use whatever tackle’s in your box.
What’s to be gained by asking a 6yo child if they “feel more like a girl or more like a boy”?
Not a single boy knows what it’s like to feel like a girl, or vice versa. It’s simply not possible.
The feeling of gender is UNIQUE TO EACH GENDER… And your feelings don’t change your genetics.
If you’re a boy, have you ever experienced being a girl? Fuck no. You haven’t! How the hell can anyone even answer the question then? You’d have to have experienced both to have any kind of informed answer.
Don’t put kids through this and don’t condone it in adults.
Now, I don’t care if someone enjoys the company of the same or opposite sex… Or any other activity in or out of the bedroom. It’s none of my damn business. It’s not my place to intrude (but please don’t wave it in my face either). Consenting adults hopefully have the maturity to decide for themselves.
But nothing you do or think can change your gender. Your biological identity is decided before you were born.
Only the scientifically illiterate would assert otherwise.
Oh, and holy fuck don’t people have the internet? I mean, high school science explains this clearly! http://bfy.tw/Bizf
Seriously, before you jump on the latest crazy in pop psychology just type your question into google and THINK CAREFULLY for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long. It might be hard at first but give it a chance, the effort is worth it!
Yes, hermaphrodites do exist… This is a fact. But just because there’s a less than 0.01% chance of the phenomenon occurring doesn’t make gender a free for all and we all get to decide on a whim.
It just doesn’t work like that.
I don’t know if there’s any equivalent challenge I had to endure as a kid. I doubt it. Because this honestly takes the cake.
2000 years ago people battled each other and mother nature for survival. At least we faced our enemies head on. 200 years ago it may have been a plague or disease. The symptoms were visible. You knew you were sick. But this psychological attack on is some truly underhanded shit. Convincing people that pretending something is true is enough to change what actually is.
If it’s not religion questioning the nature of reality before they even learn to think, it’s politicians, feminists, psychologists and LGBT activists pushing gender dysphoria on kids before their genitals have even fully grown! Couple that with the political indoctrination they suffer in their compulsory “education”. It’s no wonder we’re all so dissatisfied with the state of the world. Look at what we’re up against!!
Pretending, wishing and imagining don’t alter facts.
Also, you can’t chop your bits off and change your gender either. What are these people, fucking crazy?
Jesus. I’m so done. Wtf.
Leave my kids alone. Life’s confusing enough without having to deal with idiots who push this shit too.</rant>
Note: this rant isn’t directed at anyone on my FB, it’s more for me to vent my frustration. So if you take offence, or if this sounds like I’m talking to you, it’s just a pleasant coincidence. 😀