Value exists in people’s minds only.
The more people there are, the more minds there are.
The more minds there are, the more minds there are to value things.
That means, the more people there are, the more money will exist in the world because it’s only by people valuing something, that wealth can occur through the exchange of values.
This is the opposite of the standard “zero sum game” mentality held by most people. (ie, if I have pie then there’s less pie for you)
If I receive $100 from you in exchange for something, the VALUE in the exchange is what’s important, not the cost of production, labour, resources or the regulations surrounding it’s sale.
When value is placed first and a voluntary exchange occurs then both parties gain from the transaction.
When both parties gain, over all level of values in the world INCREASE.
Also, there is no way to exhaust the potential supply of values other than squashing freedom from the value producers.
But even then, pip-squeak parasites who create problems are only providing opportunities for these problem solvers to solve for further gain! *
They’re laughed at and brushed aside because value production is playing the long-game, and scum-bag “authorities” only think short term to make a quick buck without doing any work. They eventually die out or get booed off stage as they’re identified as the frauds they are.
*Even though they’d have been better off not having to solve these problems in the first place, they serve as a right of passage through this quagmire of virtue-less scoundrels who’s exposure is used to educate and inform and prevent others following in their footsteps.