Stop using “Depression” or “Anxiety” as a noun.
When someone says: “I’m depressed/anxious” they give the experience so much weight that it doesn’t allow them to flow through into the next emotion or experience.
These people also describe their emotions like: “I have depression” or “I have anxiety” as though it’s another arm or leg.
Emotions are transitory… yes, even the pervasive ones.
When we forget this, our emotions turn from “the state of things right now” in to “the sum of all things that make me who I am”.
Stating: “I have depression” disguises the fact that there are situations that make people depressed, there are ways in which we get depressed. It is these situations that are the real depression.
If someone gets sad when it rains because it’s cold and dark and they feel alone and they say: “I have depression” there’s no inclusion of the cause of the feeling. There’s no USEFULNESS in the label other than a tool to allow the prescription of SSRIs, a few days off work and a circle jerk of you and your other friends who feel a similar way.
Stop it.
It’s lazy language.
The devil is in the details.
The way OUT of depression/anxiety is not a blank staring acceptance of a psychologists diagnosis, it’s understanding.
Understand that the language you use, the situations you’re in and the people you listen to have a massive impact on how you FEEL.
Change them up sometimes, notice the difference and then take back control.
inb4 I get roasted for this by someone who actually has a 3rd leg named “depression”.